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    Starting from a secular background in music, Sarah also known as "Espeonite" (said Eh-Spee-Oh-nah-ee-t), began her journey into God's ministry when there was a struggle to sing as many obstacles challenged her as a puritan in her love of music and performing were often faced with unethical music industry practices. The confidence in providing inspiration to those facing hard times can break artists into temptations but this moment became a turn around returning her life to God and His praise for her existence. Every July 29, since 2021 she celebrates her years of sobriety from alcohol and marijuana.

    Mere Messengers

    2006 became a year of antiquated recording and spontaneous moments leading Greg Nason and Sarah "Espeonite" Echegoyen to Nashville, TN. The album "Everything Everywhere" was nominated for a Christian Music Award in 2007 for Best Pop Album of the year. Before becoming a Seventh Day Adventist, this was where Sarah was writing songs to transition worlds songs and styles for God.

    Sarah Echegoyen-Carranza

    Edmonton born and Calgary raised, Sarah "Espeonite" Echegoyen, grew up in a Christian home with El Salvadorian culture next to her mother Martha, 2 brothers Erick and Sam, and sister Karen. She has been singing in church. Later in life dance was introduced when she was in grade 6. It wasn't until high school where she found her love for performing and dressing up in costumes that also brought her to meet and look up to many more big named performers such as The Backstreet Boys, The Spice Girls, Nsync, Michael Jackson, Celine Dion, Luis Miguel, Selena Quintanilla-Perez, and many more. In high school choir, concert and jazz bands, and dance club. Once she graduated high school, she continued singing and dancing with Calgary's prestigious performing arts school "The Young Canadians" and also participated in "Hollywood's Next Best Talent Showcase". Sarah graduated high school and continues to sing and write. Until this day, she continues to release songs that she has written and composed exclusively on Spotify, Apple Music, and many other major platforms as she is inspired to create.

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