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    God's leading in my Salvation

  • A Message From Espeonite

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    Welcome! This evening I find myself with courage unlike any I have ever had in a while. Let me tell you about it.

    As I have been living for 34 years and walking the earth, I came into existence one evening between the love two people were searching for in a time of their biggest sufferings and pains. Whether it be my father who was recently replaced by another man in a 2 year waiting plan by his first wife and 6 kids. Or my mother losing the father of her 2 kids in a corrupt country, as that man gave her money so she could escape with the 2 kids to safety only to stay behind to die shortly after. My mother after 12 years sought a night with a man she barely knew in search of love. God did His work that night. And then I appeared.

    With no purpose and only seeing violence, poverty and a whole world of unknown in my first generation life in Canada, I had witnessed so many miracles, healings, connections with God and even now, I pray to keep the evils of my past at bay. Dare you join my complicated and untamed story? As I find myself with no guidance or human goals of this world, I come as I am to you, with God, to share my testimony.

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    What "Espeonite" has meant over the years...


    "...the only thing that comes to mind is ignite"


    — Cynthia

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    What They Are Saying...


    "Playful, beautiful, amazing, funny, great singer!"


    — Carey

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    Video Experience

    "She is the key person... we appreciate her. She is one of the first fruits of the Super Good News, Evangelistic Series,"


    - Pastor Terry McComb

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    What They Are Saying...

    "Guiding Stardust"


    - Nikita

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    What Does "Espeonite" mean to You?

    "Sweet and kind. A true friend."


    - Alex

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    What do you associate with Espeonite?

    "Explorer. I thank you for that. Awesome journey."


    - Shinding

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    What does "Espeonite" mean to You?

    "Sassy Molassy"


    - theDevilsEnemy