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    Locked Doors - Demo

    Written under the inspiration of truth, Espeonite shares her newest melody here.

    Dark - featuring Alex Piccolo

    Often times our lives can tell our stories for us and our voices come together. After the loss of a brother and friend, Alex and Espeonite were able to heal through and thank God for the moments spent with Simon.

    Super Good News Theme Song

    Prayer began and completed this project from it's conception working with A.B. Beretta from Italy. The melody began with a string of notes that share a phenomenal moment with the listener.

    You Are Not Alone

    This piece was written when it was said that people would be alone and live as if their lives were to feel empty. Notice the space the canvas creates and how God responds to the life.

    You Are Not Alone - Music Video

    Divided between the two lives of sin and love, Espeonite picks up where the past self left off.

    Well Done - Collab with Greg Nason

    Inspired in song as "Faithfully" once had done for the band, Journey, we aimed to connect the message of the truth to be witnesses of God to spread the gospel to arrive to the same conclusion upon meeting God in Heaven.

    WHAM! - Heartbeat : Espeonite Cover

    One of her favorite songs by Wham! and by fans everywhere. Feel free to share a "Like", Comment or Subscribe to the Espeonite channel for more.